Take a breath, Take it DEEP..

Time to stop, think.. And ask yourself,

Is every person on this earth born to ditch?

Did that impressionable acquaintance actually mean something?

Have you grown towards maturity or actually just outgrown the circumstances?

Do your priorities end up considering you just a choice?

Does that empty bed of thoughts imply anything?

Does that secret u just whispered into the ear of d person next to you safe anymore?

Does that suffering of yours actually a blessing in disguise?

Did the person u just sidelined mattered much more than you actually estimated?

Were those smirks on familiar faces just deceptive gestures?

What ‘importance’ do you hold in the heart of the person most important to you?

Is the person that u considered to be gullible not exactly that vulnerable?

Or the person u considered your friend not really trustable?

And even those perfect matches that in the end turn out to be the biggest misfits.

Is the stuff you struggle for each day actually worth it?

Can the fears that you thought didn’t even exist result in disasters and miseries?

When you ask yourself these questions, you are reminded of the choices you made and their reflected consequences.

And when reality finally hits you in the face, All there’s left to do is regret and think about how the situation would have turned out or taken an extremely different course if u had molded your decisions in a better way, but sadly its way too late for any rectifications…


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