Smile.. this simple curve says much more than what your vision and instinct conveys..

Yes, the lady that just walked past you confidently with a light smirk almost had a nervous breakdown..

That ‘perfect’ couple who blushed at the very thought of eternity, their facade was enough to hide the horrible fights they have every night..

And Those little girls with the most innocent of laughs.. well that laugh was followed by mockery of someone else’s misery.

That guy who just raised his eyebrows to greet you good morning is all planned to use you as soon as your weakness is revealed..

That trust worthy best friend who just kissed you goodbye is way too eager to stab you in the back, as soon as you bend to get your pieces together..

And yes, your perfect relationships that instantly bring a smile on your face, wait till it consumes you enough to become your own doom.

Yes, we all are easily fooled by these constant deceptions.. and our life, it simply seems to be a game of poker,.. the better you conceal.. the more you win.. but the moment you show your true cards, your defeat becomes inevitable.



  1. Words never carried so much ruthless truth, honesty as ever is as cold as the pain that consumes

    Every look a dagger
    Every smile a curse
    Every act of kindness
    Is a cover for life’s cruel verse
    For when hope has left you
    The depressed feel no warmth
    Humanity dead within them
    Til a fellow ghost joins there cause

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