When all the world’s beating u down,When they all r filled with rage with the mention of ur name,
And betrayal’s all u inhale..
Remember i’ll be there, to purge the atmosphere, stocked up on my hugs and kisses.
When the ground beneath starts shaking with uncertainty,
When all you feel is an eruption of volcano inside your mind,
And the sky above is lightning with fire..
Remember, i’ll be dying everyday, so you could live your moments my precious..
When theres a sigh for another defeat,
With no sign of reality left,
And laughs follow a mockery of your vulnerability..
Remember that i’ll be there.. Smiling, and alleviating agony with my open arms.

11 thoughts on “Remember..

  1. Nice write, like your style, it has an edge to it

    A heart betrays
    A bottle redeems
    Happiness betrays
    Depression rebuilds
    Love let’s down
    Emotions turn blissfully cold
    In the absence of hope
    In darker things the damned rejoice

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