IDIOT .. :*

“I can still see it right there..

Oh so clear!!

Just as if it was yesterday,..

In the bedlam of disarrays and confusions,

Looking around, we gaped at the chaos,

We bumped, We stumbled, we fell,..

You instantly apologized and enquired if I was okay,

Red-faced, as I gazed into those hazel eyes,

I knew I fell, but this time, for good..

I knew our presence wont affect the unceasing world,

But I knew that I found my world, right there, beside you idiot!

There was no guarantee that this would work,

Neither an assurance that it would be effortless,

But as I looked at that mischievous smirk of yours,

I knew I’d hold onto it.

I knew I finally found someone,

Who would hold my hand, and slow the bustle down,

Who couldn’t stop the song from ending,

But give me a reason me to savor the music..

Whose mere existence would make my world sparkle again.

That very instant, I knew that I’ll hold onto it.

You were my only belonging that actually belonged to me,

But when you ‘touched’ me without touching me..

And made my heart race a million beats per second,

I knew I’ll hold onto it..


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